Zakladni Prikazy Linuxu 2

TERMINAL ON-LINE   … spojeni na linuxovy terminal

prikaz   kratky vyznam
cd change directory
ls  a ll list directory contents
pwd   print name of current/working directory
whoami  print effective userid
df  report file system disk space usage
du  estimate file space usage
grep  a jeste grep   – print lines matching a pattern
find  search for files in a directory hierarchy
vi/vim  editor
cat  concatenate files and print on the standard output
less  mene
more  vice
tail  konec souboru
head  output the first part of files
ps  report a snapshot of the current processes.
clear  vycisti obrazovku
exit  konec
ssh  pristup prez ssh
mkdir  vytvoreni adresare
rm  smazani filu
rmkdir  smazani directory
cp  copy
man  manual
crontab  maintains crontab files for individual users
htop  bezici procesy
mount  primountovani
netstat  sit
touch  The touch command updates the access and modification times of each FILE to the current system time.